1 2 3 4, in a month we’re out the door!

The 1234 Journey - The Idea

About 10 months ago, I was helping my girlfriend Laura with her master thesis. We ended up talking about our life goals and our dreams. When you’re struggling for months to write a piece of paper that nobody will ever read, you start to wonder if this really is the life you want to live. It became clear that both of us had the same dream: Why don’t we just leave and see the world?

We’re quite sure there’s no better moment in life to go on  a world trip than when you graduate. It’s one of those moments in life people expect you to make the “big” choices: ‘I hope you’re already looking for a job? What are your plans? And what about moving together? Shouldn’t you be thinking about getting married?’ And so on…

Well, we said: no. Hell naw. We wanted to chase our dream and travel around the world.

And so we started reading blogs, talking to friends and exploring travel books to decide where we would go.

After 1 week, it became clear there was 1 big issue: money. Of course we saved some money while studying. But, if you want to live your years at university to the fullest, it’s almost impossible to make and/or save lots of money.  The money-problem (as I like to call it, although the I-spend-too-much-time-and-money-in-bars-and-doing-trips-when-I-was-a-student-problem is a  better description) had a great influence on determining where we would head to. A trip around the world for 10 months visiting Australia, Asia & South-America? Too expensive. A long road trip through North-America? Again, too expensive.

That’s how we came to this idea: why don’t we do 1 trip, just the 2 of us, for 3 months, visiting 4 countries? And why don’t we, while visiting those countries, spend our time not only enjoying the nature and the culture, but also documenting our experience on a blog?

We were both quite excited by this idea. But what do you write about on your blog? There are thousands of blogs on the internet where people share their experiences and thoughts while travelling the world. We want to do more. Since Laura loves taking pictures and she took photography classes, couldn’t we use our blog to share some great pictures? But wait, that’s all over the internet too.

So we gave it a second thought, how can we not write exclusively about our own experiences and thoughts? Then it became clear to us: we should report about OTHERS. Because who are we to judge a city in just a few days compared to a local who has been living there for years? And tell me, what is more entertaining in life then getting to know new people?

We’re leaving the 16th of April.  Wish us luck and please send us your best tips and tricks for such a trip!

1 2 3 4, in a month we’re out the door!

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    Toppers. Enjoy the trip!

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