How I quit my job to go on a 3-month trip

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Planning a trip to South-East Asia is about 95% absolute fun and 5% doing things you wish you would never have to do. In my case, resigning was part of the 5% and not of the 95% . I must be the first person ever.

I know, quitting your job is never easy. When you hate your boss, you love your colleagues. When you hate your colleagues, you love the job. When you hate the job, you love the amount of money you’re making. But it’s not always like that.

The moment Laura and I decided to make a trip to South East Asia (see previous blog post), I was (and still am) working at CoScale, a startup in Ghent (my hometown and absolutely a must-visit for all of you). I started working at CoScale in January 2016 and, if you would sum up the most important aspects of a first job, this job met them all.

Check marks next to:

  • Challenging
  • Close to home
  • Great colleagues
  • Flexible boss
  • Training every day
  • Massive amount of opportunities
  • Lots of responsibilities
  • An atmosphere of friendship

You must wonder: Wow, does this job even exist? Well, it does. Working in a startup is more fun that you could ever imagine. Of course, it’s mostly about 2 things: being flexible and working hard. But it’s also about helping each other, listening, taking opportunities and sharing ideas. And even more: it’s about beer nights, board game nights, going out for lunch every Friday, having barbecues…

If you have a job like I do, you will know that resigning is one of the hardest things to do. But I have to think bigger. Making a world trip is easy when you’re young and have no responsibilities, so I cannot wait 10 more years. Plus, Laura is about to graduate, so for her this is the perfect timing to travel as well.

And so I did it, I quit my job. Not the best feeling in the world at all, being stuck between a thousand different emotions. I was feeling sad, because I had to leave my colleagues. I was feeling sorry, because I “betrayed” them, although they understood me. On the other hand, I was relieved that soon, I wouldn’t have to check my mailbox every minute of every day. And of course, I was super excited because the trip was just around the corner.


If you would ever be in the same position as I was, just ask yourself these 2 questions:

(1) Do you love your job? Then stay.

(2) Do you love traveling even more? Then leave. I’ll tell you why in my blog posts the next coming months.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? Please comment below. We’d like to hear about your experience.

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  1. Clémence says: Reply

    Maarten! You are the best ! Your article is soooo good to read. I am glad for you, the best is coming . xx Clémence

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