The PROs and CONs of traveling abroad for 3 months

Hi folks,

One week after releasing my first post, I’m really impressed by the great feedback I got from both friends and strangers. Thank you! It gives me the feeling that it is time for another post.

This one is all about putting the pro’s and con’s of traveling next to each other. The goal is to lower the threshold of traveling for those who are still in doubt. You shouldn’t be, cause you only live once, right? Btw, I really hate the YOLO idea, except for this case 😉

The idea to see the world popped up in my mind quite impulsively as you could read in my first post.

For those of you who think it’s easy to just hit pause on the life you live in your hometown, good luck with that! We had a hard time deciding whether this actually was a good idea.


The CONs: Shitty things about traveling

When you are thinking about backpacking, you should consider you’ll have to:

  • Spend a lot of money you worked hard for
  • Find people who are willing to do some house-sitting (unless you’re lucky and you still live in hotel “Mama & Papa”)
  • Make sure that those people aren’t allergic to or afraid of your cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, pigs, cows, horses…
  • Quit your job
  • Leave your friends behind
  • Leave your family behind
  • Live by yourself for a long period (when traveling on your own)
  • Live with your partner/friend for a very long time
  • Stop your daily hobbies
  • Put a lot of effort in preparing your trip


The PROs: Lovely things about traveling

Wow, after reading the previous list, there doesn’t seem to be much fun in traveling. But you also have to take these into account. Traveling is all about:

  • Getting to know new people every single day
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather
  • Going out for food instead of cooking
  • No daily household tasks
  • Enjoying the beautiful weather even more
  • Getting to know new cultures
  • Relaxing, chilling
  • Living your life the way you want to
  • Swimming, swimming, swimming
  • Eating some more
  • Many unexpected adventures



I’m leaving very soon and I must say: the hardest part of the list is the ‘preparing-your-trip’. Why? Because it contains much more than what people might think.

First thing to do: book your flight. I’ve heard lot of different tactics: ‘You have to book just before leaving’, ‘You have to book 6 weeks up front’, ‘Best moment to book is on a Tuesday night’…

If I can give you a tip: ask some friends who booked a similar flight how much they paid. Book in incognito mode when the moment feels right and most importantly: take a cancellation insurance. That allows you to cancel your flight and reschedule a new flight if prices drop in the future.

But there’s more than just booking a flight. You have to think of international passports, medication, VISA, … I’ll write a blog post about all this in the near future.


Let me know in the comment section below what your absolute number 1 reason is to travel international!


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